Retailers and SEO: What E-Commerce is Missing

Some retailers depend solely on Facebook and Twitter to increase visibility. Because these services are free – and because they are used by hundreds of millions of people – it can be an effective way 

to attract friends and followers. Surprisingly, though, many mainstream or large retailers do not take advantage of social media to its fullest.

Others, like Kohl’s, Nike, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Victoria’s Secret, have over a million fans. What are they doing that could improve your site’s or brand’s visibility? Video.

Video is a medium that attracts widespread use and obviously lends an issue incredible visibility. In fact, without viral video, some careers (Susan Boyle, Justin Bieber) may never have been born. The benefit comes not only from the business or site posting video, but also from fans and followers reposting them. When it comes to mobile sites (which is no longer a “nice to have”), video becomes a tool that is ineffectually used. According to experts, most sites optimised for mobile use do not have video.

Sites that have managed to incorporate video and social media with success include Amazon, Overstock, and HSN. Both Amazon and the Home Shopping Network have 100 percent of their videos indexed with Google. HSN has taken full advantage, building a strong YouTube presence. In addition, each of their thousands of videos has a link to the product page. They promote their brand and generate traffic using a relatively inexpensive – but tremendously effective – means. They also rank very well on Facebook, another cheap way to build visibility and promote traffic.

Video and proper site optimisation, particularly for mobile, is essential, and even the largest corporations are experiencing the learning curve.

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