Ready. Set. Action! Getting Started with Micro Video

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Long-form content, whether text or video, holds a valuable place in any content management strategy. Many site visitors want to dig into topics of interest to them. But that doesn’t’ mean they don’t want to graze or have a light snack too. Bite-sized content is also a great addition to your website and/or social media platform. Micro videos are growing in popularity. What do you need to know about these pint-sized films?

What’s a Micro Video?

You’ve probably seen them in memes and posts all around the internet – those short videos that either capture just a few seconds of life or that loop them continually. Vine, from Twitter, allows users to create 6 second videos, and Instagram lets them create “epics” of up to 15 seconds.

They are incredibly sharable via smartphone, and they can help brands reach on-the-go audiences with snappy, smart, targeted marketing messages. According to some sources, branded Vine videos are 4 times more likely to be shared than traditional (longer) videos.

Make Them Work for Your Business/Website

There is a real opportunity here because micro videos are relatively new, especially for brand use. If you can develop a few winners, you’ll be ahead of the game – and an innovator in the space. Some tips to get you started:

  • Keep it simple. Straightforward and to-the-point. You don’t want to create a micro video when a standard video would be better. For instance, if you have a complicated topic, devote some time to it. Micro is great for short, memorable images – not complicated issues.
  • Do how-to. A quick how-to guide on some simple action can be a fun way to use this medium. In a terrific series of 6-second videos, Bicardi UK shows viewers how to mix quick and easy drinks, such as the Cuba Libre.
  • Give a behind-the-scenes glimpse. Give a little taste of your process, your facilities, or your inner workings.
  • Be creative, and fun. Oreo nails it with quick videos of innovative ways to enjoy their famous cookies. What do you have to offer your audience – and how can you encapsulate it in a 5-15 second snippet?

Micro video may not be the answer for every brand. But if you have a message that is best suited for a quick, snappy medium, consider bite-sized content.

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