Qualities All of the Worst Landing Pages Have

As you think about optimisation, the chances are good that you’re thinking first about those landing pages that are supposed to be converting visitors into customers. How do yours rank? Many of the worst landing pages have a few things in common.

The worst landing pages have . . .

  • Poor, ineffective, or non-existent headlines: The old adage that you have just a few seconds to capture a potential customer’s attention still holds true. If your headline doesn’t do it, or if you don’t have any headlines, you have a problem. A better headline would grab them instantly and offer a forceful shove into the copy below, which is exactly what you want. If you’re not sure how to craft a proper headline, do a bit of research or hire an effective web copywriter.
  • Unrelated images: Pictures of puppies, kittens, and children are cute, but if they don’t have anything to do with your products or services, you don’t need them on site. Find the best possible images you can to include on your landing pages, even if it means buying better stock photography or hiring a professional photographer to tackle the task for you.
  • Long copy: It’s not hard to make people very, very, very tired of reading about your product quite quickly. In fact, after just a few words, they’re likely to be sick of reading what you have to say. Short, concise copy does it for landing pages. Save the lengthy verbiage for your product pages.
  • Poor lead generation forms: You want them to come to you, to fill out that form, to click submit, so make certain those forms work well. You not only need to test them before you actually put them on the page, but you also need to make certain that they’re the perfect length. Too long and people will get bored. Too short and you may not capture the information necessary to get that lead.

Your potential customers aren’t going to overlook the flaws in your landing pages. Neither are the search engines. Before you do any other optimisation work, focus on those landing pages!

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