Promoted Tweets Now Visible on Google

For the first time in history Google has allowed someone else’s ad network (other than its AdWords network) to display ads in its real-time SERPs, as it’s integrating Twitter’s Promoted Tweets into 

Google Realtime Search.

Back in April, 2010, Twitter unveiled its ad model intended to help marketers drive more attention to their Twitter stream. These new Promoted Tweets would appear as ordinary Tweets but to a wider group of users – initially only on Twitter’s SERPs. The idea was that marketers, eager to underscore their own activity on Twitter, would want to pay for greater exposure to people who had already expressed interest in related keywords. Well, giving Twitter’s ad network even a wider spread, Google has integrated Promoted Tweets into its Realtime Search, this November.

Last month, Google paid Twitter $15 million to include real-time tweets in its search results. But now it’s Promoted Tweets – Twitter’s version of Google AdWords – showing up on Google Realtime! The move is certainly much bigger for Google than it is for Twitter as it’s the first time it has integrated a third-party ad network into its search results. Google is getting the standard 50/50 revenue split that all other third-parties will get.

Note that promoted tweets won’t show within regular Google search, which sometimes displays real-time results. They will only be available in the “Updates” section which provides real-time search results.

Whilst since early November promoted tweets have been visible in US-based Google searches only, the UK-based Marketing Magazine has already reported that these Promoted Tweets will soon appear in UK Google search results, too.

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