PPC Advertising? Think Facebook

Many businesses turn to Google when they think about PPC advertising to help boost their rankings, and it’s little wonder why. Google continually outperforms its competitors again and again. While Google is ideal in many settings, you may want to consider spreading your PPC dollars around a bit for best results, and these days, Facebook is looking like an increasingly good bet.

Why Facebook?

Getting the rank you want by using Adwords can be difficult. Sure, Google sees quite a bit of traffic every day, but if you take a moment to look at just how many businesses want to advertise, you’re likely to get overwhelmed. Facebook sees quite a bit of traffic too, though. There are 400 million registered users worldwide, and on any given day, fifty percent of those log into their accounts.

What’s more, though, is that Facebook is considered a relatively untapped resource when it comes to advertising. The costs are considerably less than big search engines, and so is the competition. It also has a better targeting system. Instead of using the traditional keyword approach you might with a search engine, you can target a variety of demographics thanks to their user profiles. From an age range to a certain interest area, Facebook just offers you more.

Additionally, Facebook is easy to use, allowing you to set up everything you need in a short amount of time. The competition is also relatively low at the moment, which means this is the ideal time to tap into the traffic there. Search engine PPC ads are typically basic text, but with Facebook advertising you can use descriptions, images, and text to really give viewers a solid look at what you offer them. If you carefully study Facebook’s rules, you can effectively advertise without worry.

Drop Search Engine Campaigns?

While there’s little reason to drop your current search engine PPC campaigns, spreading a portion of the money you’re using to Facebook could certainly help increase your traffic.

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