Performing A SEO Audit on Your Site

SEO audits are often a must as you begin to evaluate performance from every aspect. They can not only identify where your campaign is failing, but they can also help you spot the unique things you’re doing right. Going forward, knowledge like that will only work to improve your rankings. Before you get started, though, you’ll have to make one major decision – pay for a program to handle it or do it on your own?

Software-Based SEO Audits

Many companies turn to software-based edits because the solution seems much easier. After all, one simple program, one simple report, what could be simpler? Unfortunately, while these are a big easier to use, they’re also less comprehensive than handling the task on your own, and the price tag for these tools is enormous. Sure, there are a few low cost options out there, but if you’re simply going to run the program and let it handle the entire task for you, you’re not going to get the comprehensive results you truly need.

Conducting Your Own Audit

Imagine you’re performing an SWOT analysis on your business. Bringing in an outside firm could save you time and money, but the answers they come up with may not truly reflect your business. You’re in a far better position if you simply perform the analysis on your own, and the same is true for an SEO.

  • Start With the Search Engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo all provide webmaster tools just by signing up. You’ll need to authenticate your site in most cases, but the tools available to you are an excellent way to get started.
  • Don’t Forget to Factor In Aesthetics: As you begin to look over your site, think about how it looks. Just because you’ve optimized it for every possible keyword doesn’t mean you’re actually turning the traffic into customers, and that’s the real goal.
  • View It As A Spider: There are a number of free tools that help you look at your site from a search engine spider’s point of view, and this is invaluable to your overall audit.
  • Content Remains King: As with the aesthetics of your site, if your content is trash, your visitors won’t return. Ensure you don’t have duplicate content, and work to make everything you have keyword rich, user friendly, and informative.

There are many components to conducting your own SEO audit, but simply leaving it up to a computer program won’t help you better understand what changes must be made.

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