Optimizing Content for Facebook

Facebook has managed to convince 350 million people that they need and want to update their status, check on their friends, and perhaps play a game of Mafia Wars or Farmville. While the social networking site can be the epitome of a great time-waster, it can also be a valuable business tool, especially because it competes with Google as the most visited website in the world.

Facebook can become part of a good search engine optimization campaign, but how does a site or business go about it?

Search engines, particularly Google, are placing more emphasis on social media, and preliminary data indicates that those who moved into this area early are earning rewards, including higher rankings and more inbound links. The vast majority of marketers believe that social media-targeted SEO will improve search rankings, increase traffic from targeted keywords, expand content shown in universal results, improve ROI, and generate better leads.

Current trends indicate that traffic from social media sites will only grow in the coming years, and that it is worth the initial investment in solid strategies to increase your business or site profile. Real-time searches and social media data that are being indexed by Google and Bing currently bring in little traffic and are in “their infancy,” according to marketers. But these infants are going to grow fast. Optimized keywords and updated profiles on general brands names will yield more results for that business, helping with visibility and ownership of search result pages.

Sites also receive much more benefit when other sites and blogs take content, repost, and link to it. The “repurposing” of social content for sites like reddit and Digg can help build quality inbound links. Within profiles themselves, adding relevant URLs can greatly aid in optimization.

SEO can also help businesses and sites identify targeted keywords, as well as enhance their content by adding language that their visitors are most apt to use. It targets the tone and style of a website’s content to its audience. Simple but tremendously effective.

There are myriad ways to implement SEO into a Facebook profile, and there are an equal number of reasons why it is important to do so.

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