Optimising Your Linked In Profile

When it comes to social media, we hear about Twitter constantly; to “tweet” has become a verb in its own right. But despite the terrific job that Twitter has done branding itself, and, of course, the features it offers, more people actually use LinkedIn. This is the biggest and most effective professional social media site in the world, and it can be a great resource for your business in building online visibility and brand recognition, engaging a target audience, and making connections. When you optimise your LinkedIn profile, you may get even more leverage out of this free tool.

How do you use SEO techniques successfully on your LinkedIn profile? Here are some suggestions:

  • High quality links are essential. Use your profile to link to your main website and your blog. Both of these are “follow” links – the only “follow” links currently on LinkedIn, so don’t let them go to waste.

  • There is also room for one “do not follow” link, which is not technically valued by search engines. That doesn’t mean this link won’t be valued by your connections.

  • Include targeted keywords near the top of your profile (being cautious not to keyword stuff), as well as in the Specialties and Summaries sections. This is especially important if you are trying to build your “mindshare,” or establish your expertise in a specific field.

  • Incorporate Twitter. LinkedIn’s Tweets application, for instance, allows you to post your most recent tweets on your profile, as well as giving you instant access to see updates, tweet, reply, and re-tweet from your profile.

  • If appropriate, become an open networker, allowing more people to access your profile and connect with you.

  • Join a group, start a group. And then participate. This is great for building your personal and/or professional brand.

Social media offers a host of beneficial tools for businesses today. In all the Twitter and Facebook hype, don’t forget about the professionally-oriented LinkedIn. You may be surprised at what you can accomplish with a well-designed, optimised profile.

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