How Do You Optimise Your Video?

Two billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. That is a staggering figure, and it only makes sense that you would take steps to optimise your video in order to capitalise on YouTube’s
popularity and ubiquity as a news, information, and entertainment source. Every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. There are billions of choices: how do you make your video stand out? And can you optimise video to drive traffic to your own website at the same time?

While many users travel to YouTube directly, searchers often turn to Google to find relevant videos. Again, you have the issue of billions of choices and making yours rank well. To do this, it is helpful to create a video sitemap. This will contain a title, description, a URL for the video, a URL for a thumbnail image that you’d like to display in the SERP, and the secure location in which the video is stored. You can then submit them using Google’s webmaster tools. This does not take much time, and if you have already invested the time and money in creating a video, it is worth taking it just one step further.

YouTube users often have a specific type of video in mind, so there are some general guidelines that you can follow that will help you optimise. The content of the video itself is one area that is helpful to carefully consider. “How to’s” are often searched for, and they can be invaluable for your business’s marketing strategy. You will also want to display your website’s URL and/or your business’s phone number, if relevant. You will want a concise, helpful description, and clickable URL as well. Think brief here, but give enough information so users will click through. Other helpful actions include making your video fit the standard format instead of widescreen and commenting on popular videos that relate to yours with a URL, linking back to your video.

There are a variety of strategies available to optimise your video; as with text and images, keeping your content fresh and relevant is always helpful for your SEO efforts.

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