Microsoft-Nokia Alliance to Give Boost to Bing

Microsoft has entered into strategic partnership with world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia. The both companies plan to combine their key assets to create market-leading mobile products and services.Now Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 will become the primary operating system across Nokia devices, which means that Bing is going to become the default search engine on all Nokia phones. The mobile phone industry is a huge business, and so is mobile search.

So, apart from the benefits of integrating technology, Microsoft must be pretty happy about this alliance with Nokia.

Over the past two years Bing has seen a slow growth in the search market. Microsoft’s advances in the mobile search market were frustrated by the growth in popularity of Google’s Android. This was aggravated by Apple keeping Google as their default search engine. But now that Microsoft and the world’s leading mobile device manufacturer have teamed up, Bing gets a golden opportunity for a strong stake in the market.

However, being a default search engine doesn’t guarantee a strong following. Phone owners are free to change their search preferences, and many will no doubt go back to Google. So only time can tell if this alliance will stimulate further growth for Bing and turn it into a competitor Google has to worry about.

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