Measuring SEO ROI: Is Your SEO Campaign Yielding Results?

Measuring Tape

Search Engine Optimization is a big, never-ending undertaking.  If it doesn’t result in a strong ROI, then the worth is questionable.  Rather than giving up entirely, it is better to learn from the data and alter efforts as needed.  There are several parts of the SEO puzzle that can be monitored.

Keyword Stats It is important to track the traffic to your website, but that hardly paints the full picture.  Success with branded keywords (which are those that include your specific brand name) simply suggests that people already familiar with the brand are searching for it.  The real picture of new growth is seen by examining success with non-branded keywords.  Follow the path below to see which keywords are working for you:

Google Analytics  > Acquisition > Keywords > Organic

Here, the keywords will be listed with their individual statistics.  You can exclude terms with your brand using the advanced search filters available at the top of the screen.

Inbound Link Count There are a number of tools available on the web that will give you a read out on the number of inbound links there are leading to your website.  Successful SEO depends a great deal on others linking to your site.  So, it is a very good idea to regularly check this count and to change tactics if the number is not climbing.  Small SEO Tools’ Backlink Checker is one example of the free services available for this purpose.

Visitor Quality You got them there, but that doesn’t mean that they saw any value in your site and if a person is coming and leaving in less than a minute, it doesn’t bode well for your ROI.  Fortunately, Google Analytics provides a great deal of information about the visitors to your site.  The Behavior report includes stats on the number of Unique Visitors (people seeing it for the first time), the Bounce Rate (the percentage of people who didn’t bother delving beyond the first page they saw), and the Average Visit Duration.  These can really paint a clear picture of what is happening when someone logs onto the site.  It can also point to a need for changes to content or design.

Keeping track of these SEO statistics is a great way to see how well your efforts are drawing in potential customers, but ultimately the ROI will come down to have the sales figures are impacted.  You might consider tracking your conversions with Google Analytics’ Multi-Channel Funnels

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