Mass Media Channels and SEO

How can really SEO benefit from such offline campaigns as TV? The concept that SEO campaigns are solely about link-building and media optimization (on-and off-site investment) seems to be too narrow. Whereas the following information may not be applicable to smaller marketing budgets, it must apply to leading advertisers.

Basically, it’s quite obvious that SEO profits hugely by mass media channels.

Well, since SEO benefits from mass media, then SEO masters should try and optimize these channels, too. The UK media market is learning to integrate these channels, and SEO is an excellent example where long-run brand visibility benefits can be derived if used in the other media and marketing channels.

After carrying out a profound SEO campaign, integrated with other media expenses, including TV, we saw an amazing increase in volume of links gained.

A thorough research conducted by Thinkbox, the UK’s leading marketing body for commercial TV, has brought to light the following facts:

- Making use of TV and online together results in 47% more awareness about a brand than using either in isolation

- The probability of buying or using a product increases by about 50% when both TV and online are used together

- Both TV and the Internet are largely used for entertainment and both have a significant influence on stimulating purchase

These findings clearly intensify the need to ensure creative synergy between online and TV advertising and define the best practice, requiring more than just putting TV ads online. One way or another, as long as TV generates buzz, in-bound links, and searcher demand, that is benefiting SEO, search marketers should be paying in the TV budget expenditure.

The web has become the go-to place for more information on the product or service you have just seen on TV. So this is a very good reason for SEO teams to start auditing and optimizing the TV and online campaigns in order to earn share of voice in people’s minds for the long-run. Any social media marketer would agree that each client as a rule requires a totally bespoke approach to their marketing scheme. Without TV, SEO may not have the traffic to harvest – and likewise, without SEO, a TV campaign could indeed lead consumers to a black hole, or worse, their competitors!

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