Marketing Mistakes you Might Miss

Modern marketing techniques are complex subjects.  Look at search engine optimisation, for example.  SEO methods and tools can seem mysterious to those who have not invested in a bit of research.  Our new clients often have some reservations at first. It can difficult to see where mistakes are being made, especially if you are not an expert in Internet marketing.  Here are a few common mistakes we’ve seen in the past that you may want to avoid.

 Ignoring the Demographic

 Know your audience.  This is a primary rule of commerce in any setting.  It is particularly effective in online marketing, where a site can quite literally reach the entire world.  There are tools like AdSense to help you place your ads in the proper place to attract the visitors you want.

 Missing the Target

 Once you know who your audience is, you must be able to target that audience efficiently.  You need to know what keywords and phrases they are using to search for sites like yours.  You also must determine what words are most applicable to your site.  Don’t just pick one or two and repeat them relentlessly.  Choose several related search terms to target the idea more thoroughly.

 Focusing Inwardly

 In terms of conversation, it is best to cover subjects other than yourself.  Your website is an on-going conversation with your customers.  It’s best to occasionally turn your focus outward.  Don’t’ be a “hard sell” site.  Use some of your website real estate to talk about issues of interest to your customers.

 Fixing the Unbroken

 If something works well, there is no need to exchange it for the next big thing.  A well-engineered site with optimised text and a strong pay-per-click campaign should not need a overhaul every time a new gadget arrives on the scene.

 Stagnating Online

 Don’t let site become old, dated or irrelevant.  Your site may not need a major overhaul, but it will need fresh text and a few tweaks now and again.

 Being an Island

 No man is an island and no website should be one either.  You must be linked and backlinked to other high-quality sites to be placed at the top of the search engine results pages.

 This is by no means a complete list of pitfalls for modern marketing.  There are many more mistakes to be made and just as many ways to succeed.  Let us help you evaluate today.

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