Managing Twitter for Best SEO Results

While some could argue – and do – that search engine optimisation is not the same thing as social media optimisation, the point really comes down to semantics.  The object of both techniques is 

to increase brand visibility and to engage with the consumer.  Whatever acronym you choose to file Twitter under – SEO or SMO – it remains an integral component of any online identity.  Whereas the general public can tweet about their days, the jobs, what they ate for lunch, and other mundane details, a business must carefully manage their tweets for maximum results.  Are you tweeting to your full potential?

Offers, promotions, contests.  Tweets announcing contests, promotions, and special offers typically result in a spike in interest.  Everyone wants to save money, earn points, or win a prize, and many people choose to follow a business to access these types of rewards.  As useful as this is to draw attention, it is crucial that you also maintain that interest in the long-term.  The next type of tweet helps you do this.

New products, events, and announcements. You don’t have to issue a press release for every minor accomplishment that your business sees (and in fact, you shouldn’t).  But you can tweet about it.  140 characters announcing the development of a new product, an upcoming event, and other such topics will generate interest in the goings-on at your company.  UK internet security firm BreakingPoint does this with their Twitter account, effectively engaging followers about industry updates

Ask for feedback.  Everyone loves to be an expert, and a great way to engage followers is to ask for feedback on a particular topic that pertains to your business.  This should not be a trivial “what kind of coffee should we have in our break room” type of question, but rather one that relates to your business. Popeye’s Chicken, a US-based company, uses an entertaining, bantering tone to answer feedback.  This is crucial; not only do customers have a voice, you are showing that you have ears.

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