Are You Making These Common Blog Mistakes?


So you want to be a blogger?  If you want to do so successfully, you will want to avoid the common mistakes made by others.  Learn from those who have come before you and steer clear of these actions.

Duplicating Content Having trouble coming up with new topics to write about within your area of specialty?  If so, it is a good idea to do some research.  Read articles, watch videos, find blogs dedicated to the topic and explore the conversations that are occurring in the comments beneath.  This will surely serve as inspiration and prevent the common mistake of remaking the same post over and over again.

Plagiarism Please, don’t do it!  Use your own expertise to create something new, relevant and likely to help you in your search engine standing.  New content leads to organic growth, plagiarism is worthless and harmful to the industry.

Purchasing Search Engine Standing You should not need to invest your hard earned capital to get the backlinks that will ultimately improve your SEO.  In fact, the practice of buying links can ultimately hurt your online presence.  Google isn’t perfect, but the system was not built by fools.  The algorithms are able to recognize trends and those that point to foul play can get your company black listed by the largest search engine on the Web.

Becoming Consumed with Keywords Yes, they are important, but when they begin to take precedence over the content, trouble will brew.  While the saturation of keywords may lead to more site visitors, it means little if the conversion rate plummets.  Good content is what will make a person linger and encourage him or her to return.

Ignoring the Importance of the Title It shouldn’t be a last thought, because it is the first thing that the reader sees.  A title should be engaging.  It should make it clear what the blog post is about without giving away too much.  There should be an element of curiosity intertwined that draws the eye to the body of text.  Furthermore, the title is the perfect place to cleverly weave in a keyword.

With the right approach blogging can be fun; it can be a release and a way to express that which you are most passionate about.  Don’t lose the passion because you are caught up in the numbers.  Remember, above all else, content counts and that is your job as a blogger – create excellent, worthwhile, relevant content.

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