Long-term Rankings with Organic SEO

Organic Search Engine Optimization can be thought of as a marketing term for the logic development of a website. As a rule organic SEO allows a website to own the top spots of the major search engine rankings for the website’s brand without continuous marketing costs.

SEO consists of many aspects in order to deliver a total marketing package. The organic SEO package complies with the search engines’ webmaster guidelines, whereas the artificial or black hat SEO is trying to cheat the search engines. It’s obvious that any website owner would want the top position within the SERPs. What is unknown to many, however, is that artificially manipulating a website and/or other external elements does not allow a website to hold the top position for very long. In other words artificial manipulation can be called “hit or miss” optimization.

Let’s quickly define professional and unprofessional. A professional is a person who has an impressive competence in a particular activity whereas an unprofessional is below or opposite to the standards expected in a particular profession. The latter definition goes well together with the meanings of non-organic, unethical, artificial, search-engine hostile, unprofessional or black hat SEO. Black hat SEO is utilizing doorways intended only for the search engines (cloaking), spamming, stuffing your web pages with lots of invisible keywords, etc. An organic SEO would never need to employ these techniques in order to achieve high, stable rankings.

As is with most things, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to organic SEO. Organic SEO may be expensive, and it will be expensive when performed by a professional. Once done, however, your website will get long-term stable high rankings for the one investment, and then your expenses are finished. The disadvantages of organic SEO is that it may take a considerable amount of time (from 1 6 months for stable performance) to see the results. You arrange for some minor tweaking and link analysis work to be done. Since your competitors’ websites are constantly tweaking to outperform yours, you may need to allow for a monthly monitoring and updating cost. However, if your website is quite competitive, the cost is no doubt well worth it.

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