Local Search SEO

Two of the biggest trends in search are mobile and local, and they are inextricably linked.  As mobile use continues to swell, search behavior tends to become more concentrated.  Searchers are looking for as-need, time-sensitive information – phone numbers, addresses, menus, business names, and locations. Almost two-thirds of small businesses and consumers use the internet to find information on local companies, and 82 percent of those use search engines.  This presents a rich opportunity for small businesses, but local SEO is incredibly under-utilised.  How can your business benefit from local interest?

Here are some tips:

·         Give customers the information they need most.  How do they get to your location?  What exactly do you do, what are some of your specific products or services?  What’s your phone number, email address, or contact person?

·         Target the keyword terms that will give your customers what they want to know.  If you sell refurbished Canon cameras, then target those.  They may not be as popular as the more general “Canon” or “camera,” but they will make it easier for users to find you, particularly if they are mobile.

·         Ask for reviews.  Feedback is crucial today.  Everything from consumer reviews and ratings to +1s and Facebook “likes” can help build your credibility and increase your online visibility.

·         List yourself with local databases on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  Each of these major search engines provides the opportunity to create a profile for your company.

·         Put up supplementary information for your customers.  Photos, menus, and other data are essential.

Don’t miss out on the local traffic that is waiting to find your business.

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