Link Building With YouTube

Today there exist a lot of magazines that put youtube links in every article in their print. It’s a wonderful way to mix different media and employ methods to promote online marketing.

The peculiar thing about using YouTube for link building is that you never have to think about how those links will improve your PageRank, or your natural search visibility. Think about how it can raise brand awareness and connect you with your online community as well as bring more relevant traffic to your web site. Here are some useful tips on how to use YouTube for link building. 


You should never post videos with poor content. Videos must be well-made and professional, unless your brand style suggests otherwise. There is a number of really edgy and weird videos actually, but because of the weirdness of the brand, they work. In order to keep users engaged point to other web and video content in each of your videos. 


Just like all users brands can create channels. Check out Google’s helpful tips on creating a brand channel. However, a common user’s channel can also be a great way to perform social media link building. 


If you have already enough content, create your own channel and encourage users to subscribe for it so they will be alerted to any new content that you post. You can also use YouTube channel to find good blogs for link building just as you use a blog roll. 


Video comments on YouTube work just the same as blog comments, allowing you to find more like-minded individuals. To find some real prospects be ready to go through loads of spammy comments, as nothing attracts idiotic comments like YouTube.

Just like with all methods of link building you get both the good and bad, of course. 

The Good

This is a great way to get in touch with other like-minded users and learn what they write about on their websites.

If people search for your name or brand, your YouTube channel may be listed in the SERPs. 

The Bad 

Link building with YouTube won’t work with every niche. It can be a great way to stimulate more traffic for some fashion site, but not a good way to generate more traffic to your web site about retirement benefits. Some target audience just aren’t using much of social media yet. 

Producing a slick and professional video is far from being cheap. Although it’s quite easy and cost-effective to sit down in front of a webcam and record yourself talking about something. 

Nowadays video is a very important social medium, so it’s an advantageous way to draw more attention to get people to visit your own website.

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