Link Building Expectations and You

Link building is an essential part of any optimisation strategy. When you get started, though, your eyes may be a bit bigger than your results. Exactly what should your initial link building expectations look like?

  • Stay Small: Many people think “If I can just reach out to ten websites every single day. . .” Either you’re reaching out to every site that may have something to do with your keywords or you’re going to offer a course in speed reading on late night television. You cannot reach out to ten relevant sites every single day. Each potential link needs to be carefully evaluated, then you have to reach out to them in the right manner, not just in a self-serving way.
  • Stay Relevant: Keep in mind that you shouldn’t simply go for any and every site. Google will frown on it, the linked blog’s readers aren’t likely to actually visit your site, and you’re going to waste your time. Go only for sites that may be somehow relevant to yours.
  • Stay Analytical: You have to be able to measure your link building efforts to understand whether or not they’re truly paying off. Look at the data, then decide whether your efforts are actually working for you.

Remember that there are ways to create a successful link building campaign. If you’re just getting started, your best bet is to contact an SEO agency that handles link building campaigns regularly for the right help. It’s the only way to get high quality links and the relationships you actually want for your site.

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