Link Building or Content Marketing – Which Should Be Your Focus?

Link building is important. Content marketing is important. In a world where all things are equal, which essential SEO task should get your attention?

Who Cares About Link Building?

Link building is still an essential part of any good optimisation programme. It helps to demonstrate to search engines your authority in a subject matter. After all, if everyone seems to like you enough to link back to your site, then it’s a good bet that you should be popular enough to rank well for a given set of keywords. Link building takes time. It’s a good demonstrator of your ability to work with other sites and build online relationships. It’s also one of the older ways to optimise your site.

Content, Content, Content

If you read any search engine news at all, you know that content has become increasingly important over the past several years. Nothing is more preached these days than the importance of solid content. It’s good for your rankings. It’s good for your customers. It’s even good for you because it directly demonstrates your ability to know your customers, know what they want, and offer them a bit of virtual value. Whether you’re getting it out there on your blog, on your site, or through your social media channels, it’s the one way you have to directly interface with your customers day after day, and that alone makes it important, not to mention the rankings boost it will offer you these days.

So, which of the two is more valuable? The bottom line here is that both of these tasks are important. There may be times when link building seems to be more important to your strategy than content marketing. The reverse might be true a week, a month, or even a year later. Look carefully at your analytical data, and go where the trends, and your company goals, take you.

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