Is Directory Submission Still Worth Your Time?

Are you having a hard time acquiring relevant links? Do you need to increase popularity of your relevant links or simply generate more traffic? Today, some webmasters claim that directory submission has become an outdated tool. While this is true to some extent, most people who have such opinion are likely to be those who have no idea how to correctly utilize directories, because it is still possible to rank well in Google through directory submission.

Today, when it comes to submitting to directories many webmasters get suspicious for a number of reasons. For instance, Google is getting smarter every day and is very quick now to detect duplicated content. If Google Bot sees the submissions to be paid linking, it will give less credit to the link, thus decreasing the link’s potential for decent PR and traffic growth. Today, directories have to compete with blogs and wikis that can offer interactive options like videos, commenting, linking, which is why the popularity of directories is gradually fading.

Directory submission can be beneficial for SEO, only if webmasters using it know which areas are to look for and which should be avoided. You should search for directories related to your market niche on one of the major search engines. It’s directories that rank highly on Google is what you’re looking for, because directories that have search engine trust are often worth getting links from. If possible, keep away from free directories, because, typically, they have a bad reputation in the land of the search engines. There are, however, exceptions to this rule, of course. On the whole, directories will only benefit you, unless the link is submitted to a horrible directory.

Another great way to determine the quality of a directory is to look through the submissions and see if there are any good web sites there. If you find there only low-quality links, low-ranking web sites, it is indicative of the directory being not worth your time. You may also check the crawl date of the index page and some other page in the given directory. If it’s already been over a month, odds are that search engines do not trust this directory. In order to devalue links from spammy directories, popular search engines, such as Google, may resort to manual adjustments.

Utilizing automated directory submission software is a matter of controversy in the SEO community. However, while the debates are going on, more automated submitter software is being released. Despite all the benefits automated submitters may give, most article directory and bookmarking sites frown upon the use of such software, and will terminate your account with them if they find out what submission method is being used. Also, Mr. Google Bot can get suspicious if a web page or an article is suddenly submitted to hundreds of web sites in virtually no time. This can affect your PageRank and, subsequently, traffic.

Directories are no longer an easy way to achieve higher Google rankings, since Google no longer allows directory submission to be abused. Google frowns upon generic directories that exist solely on selling links, because they provide little value to the user. Whilst Google’s intention is to ensure the best user experience, it’s no surprise that Google devalues links submitted to trashy directories.

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