Indexing a Site Before Launch?

We have spoken before about the importance of making sure Google and other search engines are properly indexing your site. For any business or individual that depends on this traffic, indexing is a must. Everything from using emulators to test crawling to guiding Google with robot.txt can help boost your visibility. But do you need to work on indexing your site even before it’s launched?

Before we get into how to do this, let’s get to why you should do this:

  • It can establish your site’s age, which can play into ranking factors.
  • It pre-sells your site, helping create buzz.
  • It can drive traffic and help you build an email marketing list.
  • It’s not difficult, and you’ll have to do it eventually anyway!

Here we go:

  1. Secure a domain name that is relevant. You’ll have to do preliminary keyword research to determine which words/phrases will draw the most traffic for you and distinguish you in the particular niche you are working towards. The order of the words does not necessarily matter, so you have a bit of flexibility.
  2. Use that website as a domain name for your blog., for instance. You can then dig into some topics of interest for your readers. You are not launched yet, but you are still providing value. Index that blog and create links back to your website. You can also link from social media profiles, such as LinkedIn.
  3. Create a landing page. No, your site is not up yet, but you can still have interested parties opt to register or subscribe. Not only does this create an email marketing list, it creates the impression that these people are early adopters, in the know, and ahead of the game.
  4. Use your networking skills and reach out to others in your community and request links, or comment (judiciously) on related blogs, leaving a link.
  5. Try a service like Feedburner, which allows people to subscribe to your feeds and automatically links content to sites like and Digg.

Starting a bit early will allow you to get a jump on establishing your presence and authority in a given field.

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