Ignoring Webmaster Tools: Are You Making this Common SEO Mistake?

Carpenter Series 1Google’s Matt Cutts recently posted a video in which he explains the five most common mistakes SEOs make. Crawlability issues, keywords that don’t reflect what searchers are really looking for, lack of compelling content and marketing, and lack of descriptions and titles are among his top picks, as is to be expected. One that may not be as obvious is the fifth mistake: not using webmaster tools. There is so much high-quality information and help available for webmasters. It is there for the taking, but many do not take.

While you’re working on improving crawlability or creating great content, here is a quick fix for mistake #5. We’ve compiled a list of the best webmaster tools:

  • Google Webmaster Guidelines. You have to start somewhere! Google has a wealth of free information and guidelines for site owners and developers. From staying within technical requirements to enhancing visibility via snippets, you will find a great deal to look through and learn here.
  • Bing Webmaster Tools. A complete selection of help and how-tos. Bing also produces webinars on a variety of topics. You can catch them live or watch them later on Bing’s website.
  • iWeb Tools. This site has a compilation of helpful tools, including those that check backlinks, speed, rankings, and more.
  • WebToolHub. Much the same as iWebTools, this offers some great tools for tightening up your SEO and web presence.
  • YouTube. SEOs love talking about SEO, and they love making videos. YouTube has a lot of great content to help webmasters, from reputable sources like Matt Cutts. In addition to GoogleWebmasterHelp’s channel, you can find equally useful info from BingWebmasterHelp.
  • Webmaster Forums. These are communities of like-minded (or maybe not) individuals who are willing to help out, give advice, share suggestions, and ask for feedback. Take advantage.
  • FreeWebmasterHelp. You can find more technical information here, including tutorials on HTML, cookies, PHP, Javascript, and more.

There are also offline seminars offered. Google (or Bing!) “SEO Seminars” in your area to find if there are any good options for you.

There are so many practical, and free, webmaster tools to help create engaging, effective sites. This is one SEO mistake that is easy to fix.

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