Google’s Third-Party Commenting Platform

Watch out, Facebook!  Google is reportedly planning a third-party commenting platform. It is supposed that this will rival – and indeed, mimic – the ubiquitous Facebook comments.  Currently, Facebook users can, on equipped websites, log into their accounts and comment on content and articles.  What is Google going to offer?  Is it going to have an impact on the web world? And should Google stop chasing Facebook?

It is understandable that Google would want in on the third-party commenting scene: in addition to Facebook, services like LiveFyre and Disqus are seeing success in this area.  Google’s system will tie into their Google+ platform, as well as search and other services, and many speculate that comments will be indexed in Search.  Justin Brookman, director of the consumer privacy project at the Center for Democracy and Technology says, “It seems that anything you post on the comment page will be visible to all users of either Google+ or Google products, I believe.”

Google commenting faces a hurdle, though, in that on sites that feature Facebook commenting, most people will go with what they know.  The search giant has a lot of tools at its disposal, though, and because comments may be indexed, some sites may opt to keep Google+ commenting around rather than Facebook to achieve better rankings.  Google+ also offers features such as Hangouts and live newsfeeds that can help sway consumers.

Google has been following Facebook’s lead, trying to add services that engage people the same way that the social networking site does. Instead, though, they may be better served offering something completely different and engaging people in ways that Facebook cannot. Commenting is more of the same.

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