Google’s SEO Needs Some Work

Google may have a virtual monopoly on the search engine market at 65 percent, but the search giant has admitted in a recent 49 page document that their SEO needs a bit of work. The report is part of Google’s ongoing effort to rework its algorithm and remain the world’s most used search engine.  The “SEO Report Card,” appeared on Google’s blog, identifying areas for improvement, as well as detailing what those improvements would mean for the average user.

The report card lists several topics, under the broad areas of search result presentation, URLs and redirects, and on-page optimisations.  Then, in true report fashion, they assigned themselves a number grade for each area.  Under the heading of search result presentation, for instance, Google identified weaknesses in the following areas: 

  • Title tag format and length (score 10/100)
  • Description meta tag use (33/100)
  • Appealing Google sitelinks (32/100) 

As well as identifying the areas that need improvement, Google has sought ways to create a better user experience.  For instance, under title tag format and length, they propose a descriptive title and two line description meta tag will help results “pop out” at readers quickly.   

Further, they suggest limiting a page’s title to 60 characters as this is what most search engines display.  Giving an accurate, descriptive title in this way can help results become clearer and more relevant.  Likewise, providing a brief but informative description can help users determine if the site has value for them.  Google uses their current search result for Google Fast Flip as an example. 

The report states that many users may not be familiar with Google’s numerous products.  If they discover a product via search results, they still may have no concept of what the product does.  Google Fast Flip’s search result only provides the following text: “Google Fast Flip. Check out the mobile version of Google Fast Flip!…2009 Google”, etc.

A person unfamiliar with the product will have no idea what Fast Flip is, nor do they have enough information to discern whether it has relevance.  And when they can’t make this determination, most often, they will move on in their search.

The report details other improvements that are necessary to ensure users keep turning to Google with their queries – and that they are able to get what they need quickly and easily.

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