Google’s Android on its Way to Reign Supreme Worldwide

Google’s mobile operating system has become the world’s most popular smart phone platform, according to the latest report from Canalys, a leading market research company. The report says Android shipments in Q4 2010 surpassed all of the competition worldwide, including long-time champion Nokia. In that period, global sales of Android-powered smart phones reached 33.3 million, leaving Nokia’s Symbian slightly behind with 31 million.
Apple comes in third with only 16.2 million. Overall, Android shipments saw a whopping 615% growth compared to the 4.7 million last year. Although this doesn’t mean that Android has currently the greatest smart-phone market share globally as much as it states its superior sales in Q4 2010.

Android has every chance to continue gaining market share as Nokia is already contemplating using the platform in some fashion. Over time Android is likely to become what Microsoft was and is to PCs. Now if we consider the existing trends in the developing high-tech world, we’ll clearly see the mobile devices as the major Internet access option gradually replacing PCs in a large number of use cases. That said, Android-powered devices present a real threat to Microsoft over the long term. In all but a small number of cases an Android device means Google-search device, and Google’s share in mobile search market is even more dominant than on the PC.

Many companies have foreshadowed Android becoming the number two mobile OS in the world after Nokia’s by 2012. Well, it seems likely now that Android’s global supremacy may become a reality a little sooner.

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