Google TV to Skyrocket the Demand in SEO

After so many years of developing the best search technology, a fast web browser and a mobile platform the search engine giant has finally unveiled its new project to conquer the rest of the worldGoogle TV, an Android-based smart TV platform, a combination of the best both the Web and TV have to offer.

During its O/I conference Google TV Product Lead Rishi Chandra and Technical Director Vincent Dureau demonstrated the platform on stage, showing that it offers a search option, allowing you to find any channel or program you want to watch. By virtue of a built-in Google Chrome browser the groundbreaking platform allows you to browse all your favourite websites, expanding the range of what you can watch on TV to virtually millions of entertainment resources on the web. Google TV will also include gaming console, photo viewer and music player in addition to almost any content on the Internet.
Google TV is not designed to replace your good old cable or satellite box, its major goal is to allow the Web and TV content to be simultaneously viewed from the same interface. What this means is that your web site is going to be viewable from your TV, reaching a whole new target audience.

So how do you think Google TV is going to affect SEO? Well, we believe the demand in SEO services is going to increase more than ever, now that the web resources are going to be instantly available from your TV. For instance, you are watching TV when all of a sudden an advert shows up that grabs your interest. Being able to conduct an instant search for the advert-relevant website you will find what you want before the idea slips from your mind.
If you have optimized your website to rank high within search engines, it’s your website that is likely to be chosen to avoid missing any TV programmes, because the results on page 1 show up at the first click of the Search button.

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