Google TV and the Future of SEO

Google has been expanding into the hardware world with its Android-powered devices for quite a while. Now the Mountain View search giant is getting into the world of TV, with its brand-new Google TV 

product, which is not surprisingly also powered by the Android OS. Google TV represents the long-expected marriage between TV and the Internet, offering you the opportunity to browse the web over your TV!


Now is it essentially a TV or a PC?

Well, unlike relatively pedestrian and non-innovative Apple TV, Google TV is going to completely revolutionise television by essentially turning your TV into a PC that runs on the Android OS. What you’ll get is TV experiences through a custom device that allows you to watch TV and at the same time browse the web through the Chrome OS. And we all know that having Android as one’s operating system means having to deal with a whole lot of apps!

Google getting deeper into the user’s mind

Do you know that Google has a TV Ads unit? And mind you it’s not the Google TV unit! Instead, it’s a group responsible for getting clients to run ads on regular TV channels! Yes, the bright guys at Google have been thinking outside the computer, and even outside the mobile phone, to gather as much user data as they can from anywhere they can, for quite a while now. Now if the Google TV service takes off, Google will capture yet more valuable advertising data about people’s TV viewing habits to add to their huge database of web surfing habits. Even though Google said they won’t put ads on the service for at least a year, the company plans to eventually sell ads that will appear in the Google TV all-in-one search results. And Google TV will certainly be able to give a much clearer picture to advertisers.

The Future of SEO

OK, considering the information above, let’s try and predict the future of SEO. As many webmasters and SEO gurus already think, the future of SEO is tied to optimising applications (!) as opposed to websites. By this we don’t mean that websites will be going away, however, the apps will eventually take centre stage. A US-based web analyst, writing in his blog about a televised revolution in the world of SEO, says, “Not only will apps become the primary vehicle for the SEO industry, but those apps will replace today’s “channels” as the main vehicle for television programming. Therefore, just as SEO evened the playing field in today’s internet, allowing the independent “little guy” (or girl) to compete with big brands and publishers, tomorrow’s SEO will allow independent television shows and networks to compete with big broadcast and big cable”.

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