Google Scribe, New Keyword Suggestion Tool Launched

Every time Google comes up with its new lab experiment, it is important to pay attention, isn’t it? OK, in early September Google launched a new text auto completion tool, called Google Scribe, which

 might provide a small glimpse inside the almighty search algorithm. The tool is easy to use, featuring an open text box. As the user enters text in the box, Google Scribe attempts to automatically complete the sentence, using related words and phrases.

Given the fact that Google suggests that the tool can aid in selecting correct keywords, let’s look at the tool in more detail as Google Scribe might possess some SEO value.

Well, Google Scribe won’t write content for your website, but you’ll be able to find areas to improve your keyword density, if you ever get into the depths of writer’s block. Experiment with your keywords and see where Google assumes your thoughts will take you. Apart from this, we doubt that Google Scribe offers any more hidden SEO value, however, there is a webmaster, named, Andy Beard who would disagree. According to his observation, phrases being suggested appear to be accurate to some degree, but are not prioritised in certain situations. Andy also emphasises that suggested phrases do not come based on your own Google account personalization or search history. And this really can be useful because the phrases being suggested are clean, and lack any influence from your own account.

You can also add Google Scribe Bookmarklet to a browser and use it on Google Docs, Blogger, Gmail or any other web page, that might have text fields

It is still impossible to figure out the overall purpose we could use the tool for, but Google Scribe will definitely benefit SEOs, as it already helps write better content as well as expand keyword list. So let’s just sit back and watch Google Scribe mature as it incorporates multiple language support.

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