Google Rolls Out New Recipe Search

Search giant Google has rolled out a recipe search option to exert dominance over yet another online market niche.The Mountain View company now lets you conduct quick recipe search based on everything from ingredients to cook time. However, Google is just playing catch-up with Bing, who launched a dedicated tab for recipe search last spring.

There is an innovative technology behind this new feature from Google, though. The entire search is said to be built on structured data that webmasters have woven into their web pages using mark-up code that’s invisible to humans but is extremely useful to machines. Those snatches of code are basically tags that help search engines parse a web page to learn, for example, a restaurant’s operating hours by scanning the code invisible in the browser. This means that Google’s recipe search won’t just scan a web page looking for words like “chicken” and “sour”, but will actually read embedded meta-data that will assure browsers that the resulting recipes actually include the search query terms.

“This is the first time we’re using this kind of structured data and actually building a structured search on top of micro-data that people are marking up on the internet,” says Jack Menzel, product managing director for Google. “There’s enough coverage of that on the web that we’re able to better understand the content and we can build these really interesting structured search experiences.”

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