Google Reported to Have Acquired Quiksee, Allegedly to Enhance Its Street View Mapping Service

According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Google continues its trend of gathering technology specialists to strengthen its business portfolio by acquiring another Israeli startup Quiksee, also known as 

MentorWave Technologies. The startup allows users to create location-based interactive media content, that is, 360 degree panoramas and video tours from their own footage.

Google is reported to have paid $10 million for Quiksee, however, neither of the companies have confirmed the acquisition or commented on the matter.

Founded in 2007 by CEO Gadi Royz, VP R&D Rony Amira, CTO Assaf Harel, and Pavel Yosifovich, Yehuda-based Quiksee produces 3D video tour software that can be pinned on a Google Map. Users can photograph any location where they are with a plain digital camera or mobile device, and then upload the files to Google Maps, in order to take part in the dynamic mapping of the world. This will result in users wandering through and getting a real visit experience, without physically being at the place they’re checking out. Although, it is still unknown how Google will integrate Quiksee, some believe it to be “the missing link” for Google’s virtual Street View mapping service.

Quiksee raised about $3.5 million to date from Van Leer Group Foundation unit Docor International BV and from Ofer Hi Tech Ltd. Having acquired LabPixies in April for $25 million USD, this is the second Israeli technology outfit to be taken under Google‘s wing in 2010.

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