Google News Revamped for the Better User Experience

Google has just revamped its News homepage in order to make the news we see more relevant to us. The revamping has resulted in a complete redesign of the Google News web site intended to make it 

easier for users to navigate through relevant news, sharing and highlighting the most interesting articles.

The redesigned Google News homepage now features a section called ‘News for you’, which presents a stream of headlines, automatically tailored to user interests.

A further customization is possible through ‘edit personalization’ option to specify which sub-stream of Google News you take most interest in. This feature lets you select the news stream view mode, that is either by section or list view. It also lets you now rate the topics you want to see based on how often you read them. You can specify Always, Never or Sometimes for each topic, which means you will be seeing reports from sources that you find authoritative, while the sources that you don’t trust will be ignored. Also, you can easily reset the settings you’ve applied by clicking on the “Reset personalization” option which will clear all the preferences you’ve made.

One of the most popular sections, the Spotlight section, featuring stories of more lasting interest than breaking news, is more prominently displayed now. In addition, you will see local news that you can edit with whichever location you want to follow.

Finally, Google News has made it easier for you to share store clusters with other web users via social networking sites, like Google Reader, Buzz, Facebook and Twitter. Just click on the drop-down marked by an arrow on the top-right of each story cluster and choose to see these sharing options

Well, this update of the Google News web site is sure to make it all the more popular and easy to use which will attract much more user traffic to it. And the SEO community just have to continue keeping a vigilant eye on all these search engines’ moves in order to most efficiently utilize them, and, most importantly, to be able to anticipate their next movers in the near future.

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