Google Launches New Tool for Global Marketing

Last week, December 6, Google rolled out a new product that should help advertisers expand their business internationally. Named “Global Market Finder”, the tool should help “businesses identify

markets with high demand for their products or services”.
Basically, it helps you find keywords and translate them into other international markets, showing you the competitive landscape for every keyword you discover. Global Market Finder also creates the opportunity chart, shows search volume, bid suggestions and competitive factor for multiple locations. Additionally, Google has set up the Google Ads For Global Advertisers website, that “will serve as a central hub for Mobile SEO and tips for businesses looking to expand to foreign markets”.

Global Market Finder can translate keywords into 56 languages and find where people would search for products and services using Google’s search trends data. You can also filter by global markets in 100 countries and rank each location by market opportunity via combining search volume, suggested bid price, and competition for each translated keyword.

Thanks to this tool, businesses can now answer questions like “how competitive is this market?”, “how does demand in one location correlate to demand elsewhere in the world?”, and “how much would it cost to start advertising in this new market?” However, since automatic translation is never perfect, make sure the translated terms will work for your business.

“Imagine you’re a men’s tailor in Bangkok, and you sell custom suits to travellers passing through Thailand,” says member of Google’s Global Advertisers team, Srinidhi Viswanatha. “You start a website to sell your suits online and begin to notice that the majority of your website traffic comes from overseas. How do you respond to this international demand?” “Businesses of all sizes face a number of obstacles when they want to expand internationally,” Viswanatha adds. “First, they must identify the right market to sell their products or services, such as custom men’s suits. Then they have to create versions of their website and ad campaigns in the language of the market they want to reach. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they need to reach new customers who may be interested in their products and services.”

The new website, Google Ads for Global Advertisers, “pulls together resources for businesses to find the right market for their products and services, translate their websites and ad text, find new customers with relevant online ads, and understand options for international payment, shipping and customer service.” On the site, you can find success stories, a step-by-step guide for finding new markets, translating their websites, translating ads, and optimising campaigns.

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