Google Keeps Growing More Social

Users who are logged into Google will now be able to search their friends’ postings in Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, and their blogs as well.There is plenty of evidence of Google working to integrate social media data (remember Google’s recent acquisition of fflick?). The search giant’s intentions were already clear back in 2009, when it launched its Social Search. To take its social search a step further, Google has recently come up with an update for it. Now users will see their friends’ social media footprint blended throughout the SERPs with standard results. This means friends’ social comments, blog posts or photos related to a search query will now appear on among common results. However, Facebook Likes are not included in the Google social search data.

Also, with this update users get an increased control over what gets displayed in social search. The new options page allows users to either privately or publicly couple their social profiles with their Google accounts. So in order to add Social Search results to the mix, the user has to click on the “more” link and select “Social Search”. However, in order to get results from the user’s Facebook friends, the user must be logged into both Google and Facebook to enable that search capability.

Initially, the Social Search was an experimental Google Labs project. Now it has matured to become a regular Google feature providing more socially oriented and personalised web search experience.

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