Google Instant Makes SEO More Sophisticated by Widening its Playing Field

Hardly a day went by after Google’s press conference about Google Instant , when questions like “is SEO dead” started coming up across the Internet. Well, simply put, the answer is of course not, in 

fact, nothing is going to kill SEO; the industry’s just getting wider and more complicated.

While Google Instant may be annoying for some, others will find it very useful. Since the search results remain exactly the same, the only difference Google Instant brings is in how the user reacts to the results they see. Now that the user can access a web site before the keywords has been fully typed, the search has become faster. This, in its turn,  makes online business move quicker.

But what does this mean for SEO? Well, we think it’s great news, because it clearly means that SEO companies have a wider playing field. There is indeed so much going on now behind SEO: static search, maps, PPC and now even instant search. So how can search engine optimisation or online marketing be dead, if the industry is simply getting bigger and more user-friendly? Since the search results are the same, it is the strategies to meet potential clients’ needs that must be adjusted. With Google Instant, now you can target shorter words to capture a searcher before they have completed a word, as well as you can use longer keywords to capture the user along its search entry path.

The truth is SEO is simply becoming really difficult, now it’s really more like engineering – a very specialised and sophisticated industry. SEO must be taken into consideration at an academic level, whereas businesses should employ specialised companies that practise SEO and online marketing. When Google changes its game rules SEO companies adapt their strategies accordingly, and these are the most exciting times in search engine optimisation.

So all these premature reports of SEO’s death most likely come from those who actually hate SEO, without realising that their hate comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of what SEO is about. If you’re ignorant about something so much that it makes you hate it, you’re sure to have no understanding about its future. NO, search engine optimisation is not about fooling search engines, nor spamming links, not ruining web design. Au contraire, it’s about building good content, understanding the ways people may seek it — including the search words they might use — and ensuring the content is both search engine- and human friendly.

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