Google Image Search, Now Times Faster

Nowadays, everyone is obviously addicted to speed, and so is Google. The series of speed-oriented updates this year have made it clear where one of the company’s focuses lies. Now, towards the close of the year 2010, they’ve come up with another update: faster image search – a process that has long been notoriously slow.

Whilst Google didn’t make any official announcements, they recently confirmed that they had “made some changes to increase the rate at which we update images in our index.” So, what does this mean for both users and webmasters? Well, for users, the update means fresher and more accurate content from around the web. But, for webmasters, it means a lot more.

Previously, images took months to be indexed, and an equivalently long time period to change in position. Now new media and ranking-shifts can be seen within just a few days, which makes adding images to your content more crucial and more useful than ever.

Obviously, this increase in speed is just a part of Google’s current plan. Just think over the passing year: the promotion of Chrome (noted for its faster load times), the introduction of Caffeine (faster indexing algorithm), the major shift to Google Instant (search results so fast that they happen before you’re even done typing), and announcements about the Chrome OS (which is said to be the fastest and most secure OS to date) – these all show how fully Google is playing toward this desired quality.

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