Google Caffeine May Mean Big Changes

The realm of search engines has to date been ruled by one name: GoogleIts hold on the market has been phenomenal, to put it lightly.  Other engines like Dogpile, AltaVista and even to some extent Yahoo! have been treated much like second class citizens by search engine optimization gurus.

 The latest addition to the list, Microsoft’s Bing, has put a bit more of a dent in Google’s stronghold but there are others waiting in the wings as well.  Facebook and Twitter have jumped in with their own “real time” searches.  Cuil (pronounced “cool”) can be linked with Facebook to add social media recommendations to its search results pages.  The realm of search engines is definitely changing.

 Google is responding to these changes with a major change of its own.  Google Caffeine is now available for review and use.  Make no mistake: this is no cosmetic tweak.  Caffeine represents a major rewriting of the Google indexing system, even though the changes are difficult to see on the surface.  Google is understandably close-mouthed about its actual processes, but it seems the biggest changes have been in how Caffeine indexes sites.  The crawlers are more efficient than in the previous version and they seem to be putting greater emphasis of social media connections.  Google has designed Caffeine to be faster, smarter and more powerful than before, a Google 2.0 if you will.

 These changes may mean big changes to your SEO techniquesThe results sets may not change immediately, but they will likely change once Caffeine is released and fully operational.  A subtle change is expected, but a subtle change in ranking can translate into a brutal change in site traffic.  The links between SEO and social media will become more crucial than ever.  Updating your site’s text will be absolutely vital as search engines crawls become faster and more frequent.

 Change is not always a negative thing.  It forces us to react and respond, making us better and stronger.  Take the opportunity Caffeine is presenting.  Upgrade the SEO tools in use on your site to make it better, stronger and more competitive in the on-line marketplace. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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