Getting Fresh Content Without Using Up All of Your Time

Content is supposed to be king, right? Google values fresh content more than almost anything else these days, and if you’re serious about marketing, that could mean spending all of your time developing ever fresher content, hoping to please the Google giant into making you number one. How can you achieve your goals without completely abandoning your life?

  1. Repurpose old content. Your old stuff has a shelf life, but it may still be relevant. If there’s a way to update posts, go ahead and do so to keep your clients, and the search engines, happy.
  2. Blog. A lot. Blogs are a great way to keep the content flowing to the search engines, and customers love them. The key here, though, is to make sure you’re blogging about material related to your business. It can be tempting to blog about your kids, your weekend, or something unrelated, but the only posts that will really help your rankings have to be somewhat industry related.
  3. Consider a content firm. You barely have time to run your own business, right? Why not outsource your content work to a solid copywriting company and put that part of your business on autopilot? You may already work with a company that handles content, so take a look around, and find someone to tackle this mundane task for you.

More than anything else, remember that you shouldn’t just be producing content for the sake of content. A good content strategy can go a long way toward giving your customers what they actually want to see, which may make Google happier than anything else possibly could.

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