Get Your Guest Post Accepted Now

If you’re like many site owners, guest posts are already an essential part of your marketing strategy. Most, though, struggle to find the right posting opportunities, then to actually get their posts accepted by blog owners. Some even resort to paying for those rare posting opportunities. Looking to overcome the conundrum? These tips can help.

  • Offer a Unique Connection: If it’s possible, draw a unique connection that others haven’t yet been able to establish. In some cases, that may mean using proprietary data, but it’s one way to offer a fresh post or take on a subject matter no one else is covering currently.
  • Use Research: You have to actually prove what you’re saying in your guest post, so if you’re going to cite facts and figures, it’s time to break out your best research skills. Use only solid sources with reliable rankings. The last thing you want to do is cite an unknown source that turns out to be too shaky to publish.
  • Write Well: Above almost every other concern, make sure you write well before you start offering guest posts. You simply can’t produce second rate content and accept others to accept it as an authoritative guest post. If you don’t write well but you have a good idea for a guest post, contact a professional copywriter to develop it for you.

Don’t overlook the simple strategies, too, Just choosing the right blog for your submissions can go a long way toward getting the level of acceptance you want.

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