Fwix to Launch Hyperlocal Search Engine

Fwix, a real-time local information company is launching the beta version of the so-called Local Trend Search, which lets users search for what’s happening right now at more than 200 locations 


The Local Trend Search service collects news, events, business reviews, government data, check-ins from Foursquare and Gowalla and presents them on a map of a given location. You can also extend the area of location to show a wider coverage on a larger scale. For instance, you may see all of the hyperlocal news in Westminster, London, and then pinpoint any other neighbourhood to see all of the most recent events in that given area.

When you conduct a search using Local Trend Search, you’ll see several types of content refinements on the left – News, Events, Photos, and Updates. These, as already mentioned, may include content from web sites like Twitter, Foursquare, and Gowalla. News content comes from traditional media web sites and blogs; events are delivered from resources like Eventful and Stubhub; and photos chiefly depend on geo-targeted Flickr images.

Fwix also offers locally-targeted advertising through its AdWire product. Although, Local Trend Search seems quite interesting, and certainly possesses potential as the company continues to develop it, the new service lacks for coverage in smaller towns.

Fwix’s CEO and founder, Darian Shirazi, answering the question about how the site determines an articles ‘location’, said that “Fwix’s proprietary technology analyzes and indexes nearly 40 million pieces of content to determine and scan for any reference to location within the text of a document. So if a restaurant review refers to an establishment in the Financial District of San Francisco, the content will be geo-located to that area. The site will also serve hyperlocal, targeted ads on top of search results.” Speaking about targeting local advertisements at users, Fwix CTO and co-founder, Adrian Druzgalski, had this to say, “Most of our current site searches are for local services and offers, which means that our product could potentially be the most hyper-locally targeted solution for advertisers as we scale.”

Founded in October 2008, Fwix was initially created to filter news and information locally on the internet. Since then, Fwix’s team has designed technology to filter and find the best local information on news sites, blogs, and social media sites.

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