Fine-tune Your Keyword Research to Stand out of Your Competition

It doesn’t matter whether you’re optimising your clients’ websites or conducting Pay-per-Click campaigns, keyword research remains the foundation of every online marketing strategy. At the end of the day, it is your chosen keywords and keyphrases that determine whether your SEO efforts will come to be a success or failure. No SEO enthusiast, in his or her sound mind, could afford to underestimate the importance of keywords!


There are a number of great keyword tools available that can help you in your research. If you’re on a tight budget you can always opt for a free tool, the most popular and probably most efficient of all being the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Here are a few tips that can help you discover new high-potential keywords as well as realise holes in your SEO and PPC strategies.

Utilise keywords you already rank for

To start things off, take a good look at your analytics reports. Make a list of the keywords that attract the greatest amount of traffic to your website. Then use this list to find related keywords in the Google AdWords Keyword tool. The keywords you choose must have at least 1,000 searches a month, as there is little point in ranking for keywords that get less traffic.

Rely on Research not Your Assumptions

Lots of people still think they know what keywords will work best at generating traffic that converts. In most cases their assumptions are based on what they would use as a search query if they were the customer. In reality, however, it is you as your website owner knowing how to find it and your customers will not necessarily search the same way you would. Most probably they do not work in the same field as you, otherwise, they simply wouldn’t need your services.

Think ahead, estimate your traffic levels

When compiling your best keyword list, it is helpful to know how much traffic you can expect from each of the keyword. Google’s Traffic Estimator tool will generate an average frequency value of how often your ad in AdWords might expect to be clicked upon. It can also show you the average cost you will have bid for the keyword. Your analytics reports will tell you the average number of visitors you need to make a sale, which will help you figure out if a particular keyword stands a chance of generating any profit for you.

Never spare your time and effort to create a profound, targeted keyword list, as this is the ultimate prerequisite of your marketing campaign ever seeing any success.

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