Facebook Takes Your News On the Go

It was the single most anticipated event on the planet the day when Facebook announced the facelift of its newsfeed. Too long since the last one, was the main complaint, and way too many high-tech revolutions happened in between.

Indeed, the proliferation of smart phones and tablets made Facebook’s newsfeed quite passé, especially because of its sluggish scroll, which sometimes took an eternity to load. And then there was the increased quality of pictures and videos taken and uploaded with the new exciting gadgets, which clearly exceeded the old newsfeed’s capacity to display and refresh.

But not any more. From now on, your Facebook experience comes to reading a newspaper where the “breaking news” are revolving around your friends, family, lolcats, all those causes that you “liked” out of peer pressure and the spring collection of your favourite shoe brand. With large, vibrant pictures and movies that launch on the first click. Facebook wants to give you no excuse to go offline when you’re on the go.


Three commandments to get your news in the newsfeed

All this sounds like great news for the users. How about, though, for a business where you invested a lot of time and energy to adapt its online communication to the good old Facebook? Well, you have to invest some more time in adapting to the good new one. And the sooner you do it, the bigger the chances to win a “pole position” on your fans’ pages.

  • Post relevant updates!

Facebook is (in)famous for making a selection of updates that are displayed on a user’s page. For example, if a user hides or closes your content once, they will get no news from you, even if they stay fans and like your page. In order for them to get news from you, they should make the effort to go to your page and this might never happen. Make sure that your updates are liked and commented by as many people as possible and you will get to stay on their pages.

  • Have attractive pictures!

Since the newsfeed content is reported to have about 50% images, the best thing you can do is to deliver them. We mean the kind of images that people love to like: colourful, expressive, inspiring, appetising, sexy, or simply amusing. Whichever suits your brand best.

  • Upload interesting videos!

Be they funny or motivational, candid or educational, your goal is to have them shared by as many people as possible. And together with them, your brand name and good online reputation.



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