Facebook Is a Valuable Small Business Tool

Most small business owners wear a number of hats, from primary salesman to bookkeeper to handyman. They also tend to take on the task of marketing as well. This has led to phenomenal growth for Facebook as a business tool. According to a study conducted by MerchantCircle, an online small business network, over 70 percent of small businesses use Facebook as a tool to promote their business. This is a boost from 50 percent just a year ago.

The business owners polled by MerchantCircle credited Facebook as a top marketing platform because of its “low barrier to entry.” That translates into being a cheap entrée into the world of marketing, as well as an effective one. Facebook has surpassed Google as the top choice for small business’s marketing needs.

In terms of effectiveness, though, 40 percent of those polled said that they saw a better return on investment with Google search marketing. Both platforms, however, are essential business tools. Says Darren Waddell, MerchantCircle’s vice president of marketing, “Online marketing continues to be a challenge for most local businesses, and many merchants are working with very small budgets and almost no marketing resources. The marketing methods we have seen gaining the most traction are, therefore, the ones that offer merchants simplicity, low costs, and immediate results.”

Local service is also offering merchants simplicity, low costs, and results. Thirty-two percent of the merchants polled say they use location-based services on Facebook Places and 12 percent plan to utilize the service this year. Taking advantage of these low cost, high effectiveness techniques is crucial for small businesses.

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