Facebook for Business: What’s New?

Google+ rolled out to great fanfare and excitement – for invitees and non-businesspeople.  While some corporations, namely Ford Motor Company, were among a very limited number to take part in testing for Google+, the vast majority were left out.  It just so happens, though, that Facebook has launched Facebook for Business to ensure that businesses didn’t feel too left out.  What does this feature offer businesses?

A Facebook spokesperson says, “Business owners can learn best practices for creating a Page and engaging customers in a two-way conversation to answer questions, get valuable feedback, and to reach their friends.”  With Facebook for Business, users can:

  • Find new customers using targeted ads.
  • Draw traffic to their stores.
  • Connect with other businesses for ideas, suggestions, and tips.
  • Capitalize on word of mouth.

What’s new about this?  Not much.  This is what businesses could always do on Facebook.  What the social network has done, though, is put all the tools in an easy-to-reach place.  The help portal allows businesses to access marketing tools from one site, which you can find hereFacebook for Business is a sort of how-to for small businesses that will help them maximize the potential that the site offers.

Zeus Kerravala, analyst with Yankee Group, says, “I do think there’s some urgency there to jump on it before Google gets its act together…If Facebook gets a jump [in the business market] now, that puts them in a leadership position.” 

Google, which had previously planned to issue a business version later in the year, now says that it will launch it in the next few months.  Kerravala adds, “It’s my sense that most businesses have no idea what to do with Facebook.”  Hopefully, this will give them a hand.

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