Facebook and Bing: A Perfect Match-Up?

Microsoft search engine, Bing, didn’t fare well in comScore’s latest market share figures; the third-place engine gave up some of its share to the giant Google. Microsoft is hoping a newly formed 

partnership with the uber-popular Facebook will help them pick up momentum and provide Google with a real challenge.

The Microsoft/Facebook alliance focuses social search, and a key component will be “Liked Results.” These are the relevant websites and links that those in your Facebook community “liked.” This is designed to provide more relevant searches. For instance, if you are searching for a good local restaurant, you have the benefit of knowing what your friends like and recommend.

Senior vice president of Online Services at Microsoft, Satya Nadella, says, “We think it’s time for a real, robust, persistent social signal. Facebook has led a transformation of the Internet already.  It has reached and passed 500 million members, and the amount of content created inside Facebook each day is staggering.”

Naturally, not everyone is welcoming social search with open arms.  A post in tech blog, Gizmodo, reads: “There’s no more powerful partner in social search than Facebook and its 500 million users, and no question that for specific types of searches this gives Bing a solid upper hand. But is it enough to make you abandon Google’s warm embrace? Depends on how active your friends are and how much you trust their opinions.”

While social search is a very useful tool for particular types of searches, especially if you value your friends’ opinions, and if they use the “Like” button as a recommendation tool, it is unlikely that this will be the “Google killer” that Microsoft hopes.

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