Effective Content Marketing: Content is Still King

You have heard it ad nauseum: content is king. The most memorable of recent changes to Google’s algorithm have underscored this. The Penguin Update has increased focus – and rightfully so – on top quality content. There is also a shift in thinking; content is not merely to get us to the top of the SERPs, though that’s nice, too! Instead, it is a way to engage, interest, educate, or entertain. Is your content worthy of the crown?

Is your content:

Useful? What is your niche? What world are you operating in? Whether you are selling high-end electronics, dog clothes, or your services as a consultant, you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Your content does this if it teaches your audience about what it is you do; more specifically, it teaches them something they want/need to know.

Authoritative? This is closely related. If, for instance, you are talking about electronics, what makes you the expert? You have to prove this through your content. You could talk about the differences between Android platforms and Apple; you could talk about the best new apps. Whatever it is, you must position yourself as the guy, or gal, to ask about this topic.

Consistent? That article you wrote four years ago is gathering dust! In the internet world, you need to publish fresh content with regularity. That does not mean you have to tweet every hour on the hour about what color you like best. It does mean offering news or items of interest related to your space. There is something new going on all the time; capture it with blog posts, social media posts, comments, forums, newsletters, articles, infographics, images, video, and other content.

Spammy or using the “hard-sell” approach? Do you use keywords just to use keywords? Do you add any value to your reader’s day? Is your site basically a big ad that neither informs nor entertains? Are you pushing a product or service without demonstrating its value or your expertise?

Think of your website content as a person; if you were at a party, would people be drawn to you because you’re witty, charming, and fun? Or would they avoid you because you’re obnoxious?

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