Easy Landing Page Optimisation Tweaks

Optimising your landing pages is an absolute must. They’re the key to higher conversion rates, and they may be the key to your entire SEO programme. Not sure even where to begin, though? These tips can help.

  • Dump the clutter. People can’t focus on your message if you have too much on the page. Cluttered landing pages only detract from your overall point, and studies have suggested that the more clutter you have on the landing page, the more likely people are to get confused and click away. Get rid of anything visitors don’t actually need to look at. Not only will it help them get the message, but it may also help you to distill your efforts on the page.
  • Offer consistency. Try to stay with your message and image from start to finish for customers. It helps build your brand and customer trust. From the initial ad to the landing page to the response form, make certain that you’re sending the same message, using the same images, and generally offering the same feel for those potential customers. It will help customers to believe in your brand more than any other out there.
  • Create meaningful headlines. Headlines draw attention, and ensuring that you have solid ones on your site is going to help push your message forward. It’s one of the first things site visitors look at, so spend some time crafting yours. You shouldn’t have a headline just for the sake of having one, though. Make certain that it accomplishes something.
  • Get to the point. Site visitors hate boredom. If you overwhelm them with too much text, useless headlines, or babble, they’re not going to stick with you for long, so say what you need to, and get them to convert.

Landing page optimisation is essential to your online marketing success. If you’re not sure what’s going wrong, take the time to consult with a professional SEO company. They can do a quick analysis and offer you suggestions than only an outside eye can provide.

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