Don’t Let Your Link-Building Efforts Go Unrewarded

Did it ever happen to you that, having worked hard on your link building, all your link-building efforts went totally unrewarded? The odds are, it happens to all link-builders every once in a while. 

The fact of the matter is that carrying out the same research and using the exact same methods that have always worked for you, isn’t going to work for you forever. Even the most experienced and successful link-builders occasionally run into stumbling blocks. And in this case, it’s highly recommended to try and think outside the box, and do something different.

Search in a different way

Start from page10 and reverse your way back in the Google SERPs. Pick out a few of your competitors’ URLs, and run them through a back-link checker, then take the best back links and check their back links. Take a close look at the blogrolls for those sites, perhaps, you will find something new. Switch to Bing and use directories! Do a series of some totally random and crazy searches. Try another link research tool.

Be concise and more to the point

Keep your introductory email to the minimum. You want something so ask for it quickly and get to the point. If you’re using the phone, don’t go on and on, state your point and ask for your link without asking lots of questions and giving out information no one really wants to hear anyway.

Brainstorm new ideas and get a second opinion

If you’re lucky to work with other link builders, marketers or web analysts, take your time to brainstorm new ideas and approaches to the existing problems. Sometimes people, who are not working on the same thing that you are, can provide a fresh perspective on different avenues of opportunity and ways to resolve the existing problems.

Have someone read through your link request, and ask how you can make it better. Have a person, who’s got nothing to do with the industry, look over your content and ask whether the points are clear.

Persist In Your Efforts

Sometimes, persistence may be the key in going through a hard link-building time. For example, you might be targeting a group in a country that’s enjoying a major holiday and that’s why you’re getting no response. Perhaps, your emails are being filtered into the spam folders, and your phone number is outdated. Due to the frustrating slowdown you may be tempted to stop completely or totally reconsider what you’re doing, just keep in mind that patience and persistence may be the only two keywords for your success.

Although link building is really not so complicated, it is, however, very time consuming, so shaking things up a bit can bring things to light, and renew your optimism.

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