Do you still fail to get people to link to you?

Link-building can work magic for SEO, and getting links is, in a sense, a kind of art. Unfortunately, by the time some businesses turn for help to link-builders, sheer magic is not enough for them, they need a miracle. And miracles happen when you’re working hard, don’t they? The thing is there are loads of reasons for people to link out to another website, however, there are a few common reasons why they won’t do it.

Poor Content

Poor content is actually both the most evident and the most likely reason a website is finding links hard to get. The classic essentials, a company history, product pages and promotional copy, are great, but these are not really content, at least not content when it comes to link-building. All commercial websites are selling something, each of them having products, privacy policies and shipping guarantees. To websites such elements are basically what credits are to a movie. Every movie has credits, but no one goes to the theatre to watch them. What you need is content that is interesting, useful and even exciting to attract links – the linkable content.

Now many will be discouraged feeling that everything they could say has already been said. True, but the point is it’s OK to say something that’s not new, if you’re saying it in your own voice. Your interpretation is going to be different from anyone else’s, before or after you. You should also learn how to effectively collect the work of others and present it in an organized way, because this makes for great content, too.

No One’s Aware Of Your Existence

Becoming visible online is almost like trying to be spotted in a giant crowd. If you have no megaphone, flare gun or explosive, it’ll be a challenge to get people’s attention.

The basic reasons for a business to leverage social media are simply connection and publicity. Web marketers should take full advantage of myriads of users on social networks to build followers, friends, and business contacts. Also, guest posting on other people’s blogs is a great way to publicize your name.

Technical Problems

Messy code, error messages, broken links, slow loading are all dampers for potential linkers, even if you have great content and a lot of visitors. People are absolutely intolerant about technical problems, and often compare the quality and efficiency of a website to the quality of the business as a whole.

A well-functioning website is a backbone of all SEOs in general, the search engines like what users like, and users like fast, easy-to-navigate websites. So take your time to clean up code, reduce load time, and iron out all obstructions and broken links to keep people visiting and revisiting your website.

A Failed First Impression

You may have both great content and well-functioning site, but if its appearance and usability fail, people will get the wrong impression of your site right off the bat. It’s not like you have to spend a fortune on a showy design for your site, but there are a number of things that should be avoided. Users will not appreciate overly bright, eye-burning backgrounds, huge or flashing text, or anything that would usually provoke irritation.

Think like your perspective linker would

When a link-building campaign fails, it’s easy to believe the problem is them and not you. But try looking at your website from the standpoint of your prospective linker. Is there really good content? Is your website attractive and easy to navigate? Are you making every effort to be found?

Putting yourself in your perspective linker’s place is probably the best way to realize the weak points of your website, constantly improving it. Indeed, genuine worth is in the eye of the beholder.

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