Dishonest Rankings – A Few Tactics to Avoid

Every site wants to make it to the top of the list, and there are literally thousands of sites fighting for every potential keyword. Unfortunately, when you’re fighting that many sites to remain on top, unscrupulous measures typically creep into your head.

Most search engines do what they can to keep those who would employ these kinds of tactics from the top of the list, and they’re just as likely to ban your site as they are to take other measures, so employing any of these tactics should absolutely be avoided at all costs.

Keyword stuffing, already getting slightly out of hand when it comes to iPhone apps, is frowned upon when it comes to actual websites. By adding in keywords around your site that often have nothing to do with your particular business – the keywords are simply the most popular ones – you may risk getting into trouble and booted from a high search result rank.

Gateway pages have virtually no content. Instead they feature a mass of links that have similar anchor terms. Because of this, the site gets a high rank, which is its only purpose. It then links to the actual site, which may or may not be what the user actually wants. Not only is it a poor SEO tactic, it’s likely to frustrate your users as well.

Hidden text or invisible text has already been scraped out by Google. The method used was to write text in the same colour as the background, making it virtually impossible to see but including popular search terms. Other methods included using ALT tags, zero-width DIVs, and other ways to hide text.

Make sure you avoid these and other dishonest SEO tactics. Instead, look to Google’s guidelines and then follow them. There are ways to get to the top such as making sure Google indexes your entire site, registering your site map with Google, and more, but tactics like this won’t yield the long term results you’re looking for.

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